Golf GTI Doors Can Support Salesmen

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When you’re looking at spending upwards of £20k on a new hot hatch you do expect a reasonable level of build quality, but have you ever stopped to consider how much punishment the doors can take? Is door strength top of your list when deciding on your next car?

Volkswagen Golf Salesman Door Test

For some reason the American salesman in the video below has decided to make a big thing about just how strong the doors are on the new Golf GTI. Watch as he slams them shut with all his might and then proceeds to bounce up and down on the front door.

Does it break? No. What does this prove? Not a lot, other than Volkswagen makes door hinges that are capable of holding up a vigorously bouncing and slightly portly gentleman. But this is a trick that other manufacturers like Mercedes Benz have used in the past, so it’s nothing new.

While it might not be a valid consumer test it is one way of introducing doubt about the competition into the minds of a buyer, and in times of recession a salesman needs to use every trick in the book to try and get that sale.

Hands up all of those of you who want the door to break and to see this guy do a faceplant onto his shiny showroom floor!

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