Blyton Park Driving Centre Opening Soon

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It’s not very often that you hear of new racing circuits opening up, but that’s exactly what’s happening soon in Lincolnshire. Blyton Park Drivers Centre, situated 5 miles north of Gainsborough, is re-opening its gates on 10th May 2011 with a new circuit available for track day use.

Blyton Park Driving Centre

Blyton Park is the dream of new owner Richard Usher, who is hoping to give keen drivers somewhere they can really enjoy their cars. Work started on the 1st March and the new 1.6-mile outer circuit has already been completed. Following that there are plans for an infield circuit to give added variety.

RAF Blyton first opened in 1942, from where the RAF flew many missions into German territory, after which the Americans took the airfield over as a reserve until 1954. If you check out the area on Google maps you can still make out the original runways.

Since then Blyton Park has been used as a motorsport venue, featuring rallycross, grass track and sprint races. Last year it was even visited by Ken Block and his Monster Rally Team for some private testing before the start of this year’s WRC.

Check out the video below to see a few laps of the new circuit. Readers of Evo magazine will recognise the driver as John Barker, taking to the track in his current BMW M3 long-termer. It looks like Blyton is going to be fun !

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