The Stig’s Identity Is (Partially) Uncovered

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Ever since the first Stig, Perry McCarthy, was blasted from the bow of HMS Invincible into the sea, the identity of the second Stig has been a closely guarded secret.

Well, thanks to new information that has surfaced in the press there are a few personal details that we now know. He is a married man in his thirties who lives in a £300,000 house and drives an unremarkable £15,000 car. His first track outing, when he was younger, was “terrifying” but he still went on to race in Formula First, GT Racing and Stock Cars, while he almost made it to Formula One.

In case you were wondering, the information did not come from one of the Stig’s now famous morse code broadcasts, but from a simple leak at the BBC of some information about the show. The leak was discovered by the News Of The World, but a source at the BBC has said “This is the best-kept secret in motor racing and we want to keep it that way. No one will ever officially confirm his identity.”

While his true identity remains a secret, this additional information will doubtless fire up both the press and the internet. Let the speculation commence!

UPDATE 19/01 – the Stig’s identity has finally been uncovered. Follow the link of you really want to know.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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