BBR RS400 Takes Focus RS To Another Level

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How does 404bhp through the front wheels sound? A bit of a handful? Maybe, but it hasn’t stopped tuners BBR from pushing the Ford Focus RS to its limits.

Ford Focus BBR RS400

BBR have spent 18 months working on the Focus RS and have ended up with no less than four different upgrade kits. From 342bhp all the way up to 404bhp, each stage of the upgrade process releases a little more from the RS’s 2.5-litre engine.

Starting at Phase One, BBR apply a Starchip ECU upgrade to improve throttle response and driveability. The fact that it also releases another 40bhp is the icing on the cake. BBR also fit a new silicone induction hose, as they noticed that the standard item is prone to distortion, restricting the flow of air into the engine. A bit of a bargain at just £595 (excluding VAT).

On to Phase Two, and BBR start to include some mechanical modifications. Dubbed the BBR RS355, the kit takes the ECU upgrade from phase one and adds a new intercooler that is more efficient than the standard item and improves performance at high boost levels. All air inlet hoses are replaced with high flow silicone items to get rid of any airflow restrictions, while a replacement air filter improves breathing further. Priced at £1245 with fitting costing another £195, the phase two kit results in 355bhp and 378lbs/ft of torque.

Not enough? Then try Phase Three and the BBR RS380. Taking Phase Two as a starting point, this step reaplces the entire exhaust system with a new BBR 3-inch stainless steel exhaust that includes a sports catalyst (that manages to remain street legal). On top of that the engine gets a new set of larger fuel injectors to keep up with the demands of the increased boost and power levels. The result is 382bhp for a total cost of £2495.00, with a fitting charge £345.00

The full-fat upgrade is Phase Four, resulting in the BBR RS400. This phase replaces the standard turbocharger with a higher flow motorsport spec item and a new fuel pump is added to cope with the engine’s new thirst for unleaded. The result is 404bhp at 6,220rpm and 408lb/ft of torque at 3,380rpm, although the price is up to £3,895 with a fitting charge of £595.

Having increased the power by almost 30% it’s probably a good idea to make sure the chassis can cope, and BBR have got a couple of choices for RS owners. First up is BBR’s own high performance springs which lower the Focus’s ride height, but BBR also recommend the fitting of their Koni dampers. Designed in collaboration with BBR, the Koni dampers are adjustable and remove the harsh edge from the Focus RS’s ride.

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