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Did you buy a Ford Focus RS only to find out that Ford had an even more powerful RS500 version waiting in the wings? Then maybe you should have a chat with the guys at Mountune Performance as they may be able to brighten up your day with a Ford-approved upgrade.

Ford Focus RS MP350

Engine: 5-cylinder 2.5 litre
Max Power: 350 PS
Max Torque: 460 Nm
Top Speed: 165mph
0-60mph: 5.4 seconds
0-100mph: 12.2 seconds
0-150mph: 35.0 seconds
1/4 mile: 13.9 sec @ 108 mph

Boosting power output to 350PS and 460Nm of torque, the MP350 package is available directly from Mountune Performance or through one of their specially selected network of Ford dealers. While other tuners have managed to achieve similar power levels from the Focus RS, the MP350 package has the benefit of being the only Ford-approved upgrade and the only one which does not invalidate the standard Ford warranty.

The MP350 package includes engine modifications that are similar to those used on the new Focus RS500 model and and the MP350 has been subjected to a similar testing regime as the RS500, including ten consecutive laps around the Nurburgring at race pace. Check out the press release below for more info on the mods and package.

The Mountune MP350 package for the Focus RS will be available from May, but pre-orders are being taken now. A £200 deposit guarantees a fitting slot but with demand so high, the sooner a pre-order is made, the sooner the upgrade can be installed.

Press Release

Owners and buyers of the current generation Ford Focus RS 305PS superhatch can now access a Ford-approved performance upgrade package that boosts peak output to 350PS and 460Nm of torque.

The MP350 package is available from Mountune Performance directly and also via a specially selected network of Mountune-approved Ford dealers, initially in the UK, with a European roll-out planned to follow.

This is the only Ford-approved upgrade for the Focus RS and also the only aftermarket package available which does not invalidate the standard Ford warranty.

The engine modifications it provides are similar to those developed for Ford of Europe’s exclusive new limited edition Focus RS500 model and were developed by Mountune’s performance specialists in partnership with Ford’s Team RS powertrain engineers.

“Mountune Performance has worked very closely with Ford TeamRS to develop this approved upgrade package, and we’re delighted to be able to meet the demand we know exists among existing Focus RS customers,” said John Mitchell MD of Revolve Technologies – parent company to the Mountune Performance brand.

The MP350 story begins…

Having already produced numerous highly acclaimed Ford-approved performance upgrades in the UK for the Fiesta and Focus ST, and latterly the new Fiesta, Mountune’s interest in the Focus RS was both a natural and obvious progression.

Development of the upgrade package identified key areas for enhancement early into the program. Mountune’s own stringent testing included road mileage accumulation stretching into the tens of thousands, and the now standardised Nürburgring Nordschliefe Sign-Off; including numerous punishing laps at full race-pace!

As the project was combined with that of Ford’s own RS500, an additional and vigorous testing plan was subsequently implemented. This partnership utilised Ford’s Dunton Technical centre to push the conversion package to its limits under conditions replicated from around the world in its Environmental Test Laboratory, ensuring the Mountune Performance MP350 conversion is the most proven, and robust on the market today.

“Offering the performance enhancement kit alongside Ford’s special edition Focus RS500 gives existing Focus RS owners a highly attractive upgrade, offering many compelling and unique selling points,” Mitchell added.

The Kit:

The Mountune Performance MP350 conversion consists of five key components, all necessary to provide a genuine 350PS, 460Nm output.

A bespoke intercooler was designed to significantly reduce charge temperatures whilst maintaining the air-flow efficiency of the original system; this was subsequently packaged by Team RS and Mountune’s own engineers. Final manufacturing fell to Pro Alloy – a name famous for the highest quality aluminium fabrication, a quick glance reveals it’s an obvious case of aftermarket meets original equipment.

Allowing the engine to breathe more efficiently was paramount to the upgrade package. A high-flow exhaust downpipe takes care of this job post-turbo, whilst a re-designed airbox ensures the inlet is unrestricted under all conditions. The revised Mountune design provides around 60% more volume whilst retaining the standard air filter element – in turn ensuring that servicing procedures remain as per the standard car.

Unique to the Mountune package is also an uprated fuel delivery module. The standard FDM and injectors were originally designed for the 305PS base car. Raising the power output to 350PS required significant flow and pressure increases to maintain the same safe limits as found in the original Focus RS. Establishing these flow and pressure requirements for this target power output, whilst maintaining these limits allowed Mountune to design an uprated item that also reduced the injector duty-cycle.
Changing the injectors alone was not a practical or safe way of dealing with the increased fuel system demands as the required fuel flow and pressure is not possible with just an injector change.

Finally, and critically, there is the calibration. Working alongside Ford’s TeamRS powertrain specialists allowed Mountune to access the car’s ECU in its entirety, and also meant that the development team could benefit from the base cars’ calibration team knowledge.
The Mountune Performance MP350 calibration for the Ford Focus RS is the only one able to be applied through the On-Board Diagnostic port using Ford’s ETIS system.

The MP350 story continues…

From April 9th, customers throughout the UK will be able to pre-order their kits through Mountune directly, and also through seven selected Ford dealerships.

As with previous Mountune Performance products, it’s anticipated that the Association of British Insurers (ABI) will recognise the upgrade, giving enthusiasts opting for the official route access to cheaper car insurance – something available immediately to all who use Greenlight as their insurer, who won’t charge anything extra to add the upgrade.

“We’ve aimed to deliver the upgrade that all Focus RS enthusiasts have been waiting for, whilst retaining the manufacturers’ warranty, and benefiting from the numerous other perks that come with Mountune Performance conversion ownership”, said Mitchell. “The team has done a fantastic job in creating a conversion that lifts the already impressive base car into new realms of performance and excitement.”

Mountune Dealer network:

The Mountune Performance MP350 conversion is initially available from Mountune directly, and from seven specially selected Ford dealerships from throughout the UK:

• Archers of Ashby, Leicestershire
• Birchwood Ford, East Sussex
• David Harrison, Selkirkshire
• Kempster Ford, Lancashire
• Kernahan of Witney, Oxfordshire
• Ocean Ford, Isle of Mann
• Sky Ford, Hertfordshire

This specialist network will be subject to periodic revision, expanding with the addition of Mountune Performance European dealerships during 2010.

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