National Flags To Be Allowed On Numberplates

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You may not have realised it, but if you were displaying a national flag on your car’s numberplate you were breaking the law.

The only flag officially allowed on a numberplate was that of the European Union, twelve yellow stars on a blue background. Drivers who were displaying the Cross of St George, the Scottish saltire or Welsh dragon were risking a fine of £60 if pulled over by police. Hundreds of drivers have already been fined because of this relatively unknown law, which was forced through the House Of Commons by the Labour government in 2001.

Now, after seven years, the government have decided to allow such patriotic symbols. A letter to MPs from Jim Fitzpatrick, a junior transport minister, has announced that the government plans to allow drivers to display national symbols and that they will be bringing forward new rules to make this possible.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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