Two Speed Cameras For The Price Of One

by | Nov 4, 2008 | Speed Cameras | 0 comments

A new speed camera that can be used as both a fixed and mobile unit is undergoing trilas in Lithuania.

At first glance the camera, developed by German firm Vitronic, looks like a traditional speed camera that is housed in a plain-looking metal cabinet at floor level. However, the actual camera mechanism can be easily removed from the cabinet, so if the cash supply dries up at a fixed location or the camera is needed where elsewhere it can simply be lifted out and carried away.

This improved mobility means that the camera can be mounted on a tripod to be used as a mobile camera, or can even be installed in a police car for recording pursuits.

So far these cameras are not planned for use in the UK, but you can guarantee that if they prove themselves as a good way of reducing costs then we will be seeing them here eventually.

Source: Auto Express

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