20% Off Osram NightBreaker Bulbs

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How do you fancy saving 20% on a set of new Osram NightBreaker headlight bulbs, giving you much better vision when driving at night and saving yourself a few quid in the process?

Osram NightBreaker bulbs are probably the brightest road-legal halogen upgrade you can get for your headlights and easily outperform standard headlight bulbs, and the good news is that there’s a 20% discount available at Powerbulbs at the moment. Osram Nightbreaker H4 The Osram NightBreaker bulb is a very popular headlight upgrade as it offers 90% more light than standard halogen bulbs as well as 10% whiter light. This obviously means that you’ll be able to see more at night, but you’ll also have less eye strain as the light is closer to natural light than standard bulbs offer. In terms of brightness the Nightbreakers are slightly better than their closest rivals, Philips X-Treme Power, and to top that they’re also significantly cheaper.

“Again, the Osram offering provided excellent consistency, and the NightBreakers claimed to deliver plus 90 per cent power. Tinted bands on the lamp glass give the beam a bluish tinge, but the top-spec bulbs are the best of the rest after X-treme Power.” – Auto Express Review, 2009

With the Powerbulbs discount any of the main headlight bulb sizes (H1, H3, H4, H7 and H11) can be had for less than £20 per pair. Also, because the Osram NightBreaker bulbs are over £15 you’ll qualify for a free set of Philips Blue Vision sideight bulbs, as well as free worldwide delivery. I’ve always had good service from Powerbulbs, and the free Blue Vision sidelights were a big improvement on the standard items in my Ford Focus.

Osram Night Breaker Comparison

As you can see in the image above (yes, it’s a promotional image but it’s pretty accurate IMO) the Osram NightBreaker bulbs offer a much brighter light immediately in front of your car, but on top of that the reach of the beam is improved. This has obvious safety benefits when driving on dark roads against oncoming traffic where you can’t use full beam, but it also helps to make night driving a less stressful experience.

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