Renault Clio Williams Is Coming Back

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One of the most treasured names in hot hatch history is returning – the Renault Clio Williams will be making a comeback to celebrate the renewed relationship between Renault and the Williams F1 team.

Renault Clio Williams

Although official specs have yet to be released it has been suggested by Renault that this is no mere marketing exercise. Unlike the relaunch of the Gordini name, little more than an upmarket trim level, the new Clio Williams will be considerably more powerful than the Renaultsport Clio on which it is based.

The 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine will remain but power is expected to be around the 240bhp. Much more than that and it could overshadow it’s bigger brother, the Megane 250, but that is more than enough to make this the halo model of the Clio range. Along with the more powerful engine will come bigger brakes and the same Bridgestone Potenza tyres as seen on the recent Megane 265 Trophy.

Expect to see the same blue paint and gold alloys last seen on the ’90s model. Inside there will be Recaro seats bearing the Williams logo and a generous helping of optional goodies.

Unfortunately the Clio Williams won’t be with us until 2012. The UK is expected to be one of the biggest markets for that car and prices will be around the £25k mark, with limited numbers being built (hopefully Renault have learnt from their past mistakes when they released the Williams 2 and 3 and upset buyers of the original).

The original Clio Williams went on to be one of the most highly regard hot hatches of all time. Can Renault repeat that feat this time around?

Source: Auto Express

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