Siemoneit Black Pearl Golf R

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Siemoneit Racing have unveiled a new performance tuning package for the Volkswagen Golf R.

Black Pearl Volkswagen Golf R

Nicknamed ‘Black Pearl’ the package is designed to release more of the turbocharged 2.0-litre’s potential. The package features a new air intake, an updated ECU and a stainless steel sports exhaust and the results are impressive – power goes up by 84bhp for a total of 350bhp with torque up by 100lb/ft to 358lb/ft.

However, if 350bhp isn’t enough to wet your whistle you could always go for Siemoneit’s second tuning package. This adds a high pressure fuel pump and new intercooler to produce an awesome 523 bhp. Fortunately the Golf R’s four-wheel drive will help to make that power usable on the road.

There is also an option to reprogram the DSG transmission to give super-quick gearchanges, improving the acceleration figures, although I’m not sure what impact that will have on the DSG’s lifepsan.

For the weight watchers there is a smart carbon fibre bonnet, available in unpainted form so everyone will be able to see it’s the real deal.

Prices start at €698 for the ECU and €1,749 for the exhaust system.

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