Video: Taking The Wife For A Spin

by | Sep 16, 2008 | Video | 0 comments

Riccardo Patrese takes his wife for a ‘leisurely’ drive in the countryside

The ingredients for a perfect passenger ride on track – one high-revving 197bhp Honda Civic Type-R and an ex-F1 driver, here in the form of Ricardo Patrese. Then add a passenger who’s clearly not used to being thrown around a racetrack – in this video that passenger is his lovely wife and she doesn’t know she’s being filmed.

Hilarious footage ensues, particularly when you contrast the pair’s faces – absolute calm and a cheeky grin on the face of Mr.Patrese, while Mrs. Patrese clearly looks terrified at the oncoming corners while screaming “MAMMA MIA!” at the top of her voice. Also, if you listen carefully you might be able to make out some useful Italian phrases such as “Vaffanculo” (with accompanying arm gesture).

How many blokes would like to try this with their wife/girlfriend? Even if it did mean you’d be in the doghouse for weeks?

Source: Auto Fiends

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