Average Speed Cameras For All UK Roads

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It’s ‘bash the motorists’ time again, as the government prepares to back SPECS cameras as a more profitable replacement for the good old Gatso camera.

SPECS Speed Camera

Working in pairs, the ‘yellow vultures’ use numberplate recognition technology to measure the time it takes you to travel between each camera, and then work out your average speed between the two points. If you’re over the limit then it’ll be time for a ticket, and this means drivers can’t slow down just before the camera to avoid the fine.

So far SPECS cameras are not used widely due to their high cost, but with Home Office backing the new technology could be rolled out more widely onto main roads, accident black-spots and residential areas.

Fortunately they’re usually painted yellow and they are quite easy to spot as they stick out over the traffic lanes, but it’s easy to forget them when you’re on a long stretch. The cameras can be placed up to six miles apart so you need to keep your eyes on your speedo to make sure your speed doesn’t creep over the limit. If you’ve got cruise control on your car it’s an ideal time to use it when travelling between these cameras.

Source: Pistonheads

Picture: Scarlet Pimpernel

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