So Who Are Britain’s Worst Drivers?

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Who are Britain’s worst drivers? It’s one of those questions that always generates some heated discussion, and everyone has a different opinion. For some people it’s a straightforward men vs women debate, for others it’s more specific – tailgaters, lane hoggers, dawdlers, caravanners, white van man, BMW/Audi drivers, people on the phone, old drivers, young drivers … the list goes on.

Cab Cam

Respect On The Road have been filming people in the back of a taxi cab answering just this question, and some of the opinions are shown in the video below. I suspect this is the sanitised version, as I’ve seen quite a few people get incredibly animated about some of the ‘crimes’ on the road, like the bloke at the end of the video.

Personally, my pet hate is people who don’t know how to use their signals on roundabouts. Why on earth they can’t grasp the simple concept of telling waiting drivers whether they’re coming off or carrying on around the roundabout mystifies me. But I guess that ROTR’s campaign is trying to teach us to just calm down a bit, so I won’t set off on a potty-mouthed tirade.

Anyway, here’s the video.

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