Mcchip Unlocks 252bhp From Golf GTI VI

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To some the new Golf GTI’s power output of 210bhp is slightly underwhelming. Even though there is a 300bhp Golf R20 in the pipeline there’s still plenty of scope for giving the GTI a bit more grunt, but Volkswagen obviously want to stick with formula that proved so popular on the Mk5 GTI. So German tuner Mcchip have decided to release more of the GTI’s potential with a simple ECU upgrade.

Costing €849 (£750), the ECU remap unlocks an additional 42bhp and 74lb ft of torque from the 2.0-litre engine, increasing the GTI’s outputs to 252bhp and 280lb.ft.

Mcchip is also planning to release a sports suspension kit that will lower the GTI’s ride height with the use of H&R springs. There will also be a set of black OZ 19-inch alloys on the upgrades list along with racing stripes in a choice of colours.

Personally I think the stripes might be a step too far, but those black alloys look good.

The Mcchip GTI will be unveiled at Tuning World show in Bodensee, Germany that starts this weekend.

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