ABT’s Take On The Golf GTD – 210HP & 430NM

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German tuning house ABT have certainly been busy. The Mk7 Golf GTD has only just gone on sale but they’ve already got a tuning package ready and waiting for owners who want just a little more power.

ABT Volkswagen Golf GTD VII

ABT Volkswagen Golf GTD VII

Actually it’s more than just a little more power. The remapped 2.0-litre diesel is boosted to 210bhp, up by 26bhp, with torque growing by 50Nm to 430Nm (319 lb/ft). That’s a GTI-rivalling power figure but the diesel’s torque easily outguns its unleaded twin.

They’ve also got a host of cosmetic additions for the GTD. You can add a new front spoiler, front grille, a pair of modified side skirts, rear bumper inserts and a boot lid spoiler. You can also add headlight and mirror covers if you want.

No cosmetic package would be complete without new rims and ABT offer a range of 18- or 19-inch wheels. The finishing touch is a quad-pipe exhaust.

The ECU remap and cosmetic tweaks are now available to German buyers so you may have to pester ABT to make them available here in the UK. Keep an eye out on ABT-Sportsline.co.uk and it may make an appearance soon.

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