Driving Like A Muppet

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Police in the German state of Bavaria were surprised to find one of the cast of the Muppet Show had been snapped by a speed camera exceeding the local speed limit.

Before proceedings were initiated against Animal, crazed drummer for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem band, it was discovered that this was a UK-registered right-hand drive Audi. It also turns out the mystery driver has a bit of history with the Bavarian authorities for exceeding speed limits, and a sense of humour that doesn’t mind poking fun at them.

“It was funny when the photo came in for processing and it appeared that no one was at the wheel, but it was an English car, which means the driver’s seat is on the other side, so the camera didn’t catch the actual driver’s face” – Bayreuth Police Spokesperson

The speeding Brit clearly knows the rules for chasing international speeders, as despite being snapped multiple times he is not going to be charged. The police have said that they will not be pursuing the driver of the Audi because it is not a German registered vehicle.

Well, if you’re going to stick two fingers up at the authorities you might as well do it in style.

Source: Local.de

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