MTM Golf GTI Rivals Golf R

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With 270bhp to play with, this MTM-tuned Golf GTI has enough power to rival the Volksagen’s upcoming Golf R.

Motoren Technik Mayer have been hard at work on the Golf VI GTI, releasing a set of upgrades that include engine tweaks, new wheels and better brakes.

The power upgrade comes from a combination of new ECU software and the fitting of an additional air filter, giving the headline figure of 270bhp backed up by 400Nm of torque. There are no details on the new 0-60mph time and the top speed is electronicaly limited to a 165mph.

The wheels in the photos are matt black 19-inch’ MTM Bimoto light alloys wrapped in 235/35×19 Continental XL Sportcont tyres. Behind the front wheels are a set of new 380mm brake discs and a pair of mighty 8-piston calipers from Brembo.

While the power on offer might be equivalent of the Golf R, you can expect the price will be significantly less.

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