Could This Be World’s Smallest Car?

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At just 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide, this tiny little motor could eventually be classed as the world’s smallest. It started off life as a coin-operated Postman Pat ride, but that all changed when  47 year-old Perry Watkins got his hands on it after finding it on eBay.

World's Smallest Car

Watkins stripped out the interior of the kiddy ride, built a steel frame for the fibreglass shell and then stuck that onto the chassis from a quad-bike. That gives it a 150cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine to power the rear wheels, which won’t make it the latest hot hatch to terrorise the streets but does give it a respectable 40mph top speed, as well as returning 70mpg.

Look closely at the picture and you’ll notice a 58-reg plate on the front. Yes, this thing is completely road-legal with working headlamps, rear lights, windscreen wipers, horn and signals. Even if you ignore the size of the car it’s still distinctive thanks to the flame-effect paintjob, fake racing exhausts and great big key sticking out of the back.  It’s the key that led to the car’s nickname –  The Wind-Up.

Watkins is no stranger to wacky vehicles, and neither is this his first attempt at getting into the record books. Last year he made headlines with his so-called Flatmobile, a fully-operational 2-seater that sits just 48.26cms from the ground at its highest point.

Source: The Sun

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